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Business Hand Fans

If you're considering promotional hand fans for any purpose, HandFans 4 Less is your best source. We offer outstanding service, unbeatable pricing and only top-quality fans you can distribute with pride

Custom Hand Fans

We can show you how custom hand fans can increase your business visibility in your local community. Handfans 4 Less is your one-stop source for promotional hand fans of all types.

Holiday Hand Fans

Many churches have special programs for Christmas and Easter, for example. These programs often feature unique music and hymns. Why not have hand fans custom-printed with the lyrics, making it easy for the congregation to sing along?

Political Hand Fans Are Cool For Hot Campaigns

As the political season heats up for 2012, prospective candidates are seeking every possible way to increase their name recognition. Custom political hand fans are a time-honored tradition that works to increase visibility in a way that potential voters appreciate.

Selecting A Hand Fan Provider

If you're shopping for custom hand fans for your church, wedding, business or public event, it's not hard to find suppliers. Even a quick Web search will turn up lots of prospective providers.

Political Hand Fans Are a Winning Ticket

Political candidates are always looking for a way to increase their name and visual recognition. Custom political hand fans are a great way to boost awareness in a crowd-friendly way. If your campaign is considering custom hand fans to promote a candidate, Handfans 4 Less is the best source around.

A Quick Guide To Ordering Wedding Hand Fans

So you've set the date for your wedding. Congratulations! Let us offer a suggestion - custom hand fan wedding favors. If you're thinking about custom fans for your guests, here are a few tips and tricks to minimize your stress and maximize your joy of planning the occasion:

Custom Hand Fans Are Simple, Yet Powerful, Promotional Tools

Custom promotional hand fans, because they're easy to design and affordable, are ideal for advertising a business, celebrating special family occasions or commemorating religious holidays and ceremonies. Hand fans are popular as wedding favors, for example, especially for outdoor weddings.

It's Hot Out There. Keep Your Cool With Custom Hand Fans

As David Johansen once sang, it's hot, hot, hot. The heat is on, in a way that wilts guests at summer outdoor events. One easy solution is custom hand fans. If you're planning a summer get-together, whether a family reunion, holiday picnic or even a wedding, custom hand fans can be a welcome addition for your guests.

A Brief History of Hand Fans

Hand fans date back thousands of years. Something as simple as a palm frond could be used as a fan in ancient times to keep cool. Crafted with more decoration and ornamentation, fans became ornate objects of decoration in pre-modern times. The most common hand fan style, the folding fan, was created in the Far East. The fan migrated to Europe, where it quickly became a status symbol among the aristocracy.

Hand Fans For Promotional Purposes

For many people, hand fans are less than an afterthought - they're a non-thought. Outside of churches and wedding favors, promotional hand fans just aren't something that many people think about.


Hand Fans - From Church to the Ballot Box, an Effective Marketing Tool

Hand fans are a simple device, in use for thousands of years. They've been traced back at least as far as ancient Egypt, where they were a device used in religious ceremonies. Today, hand fans are still common in churches, but also are increasingly used in the secular world as a marketing tool.


Types of Hand Fans

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