Custom Hand Fans

Boost Your Business With Custom Hand Fans

Let's face it, it's tougher than ever to build a competitive edge for your business today. There's more competition, not just from bricks and mortar operations, but also from the internet, no matter what business you're in.

Every one of your competitors is searching for that same edge. One of the best ways to give your business the upper hand is through the use of custom hand fans. Simple, cost-effective and popular, they're a great way to boost your marketing power.

Handfans 4 Less is your one-stop source for promotional hand fans of all types. We can show you how custom hand fans can increase your business visibility in your local community.

The great thing about hand fans is that they're incredibly simple and offer a large surface area for custom artwork and text. They're a terrific way to get a message out to prospective customers.

Hand fans have long been popular in churches and other houses of worship. Many businesses donate to churches custom fans printed with a religious scene on one side and business contact information on the other.

The basic appeal of hand fans is that they are one of the simplest tools ever created by humankind. A simple combination of one or two pieces of cardboard stock and a basswood handle, hand fans are economical, intuitive to use and effective. What more can you ask for from any tool?

Well, you can ask for a large surface area to print your message on. Guess what? Hand fans have that too. Combine those attributes and you've got a terrific way to get your message out to lots of people quickly and effectively.

Types of Hand Fans

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