Custom Promotional Hand Fans

Custom Hand Fans Are Simple, Yet Powerful, Promotional Tools

Hand fans are among the simplest, most effective tools on the planet. Nothing more than one or two pieces of cardboard stock attached to a basswood handle with glue, the hand fan is about as straightforward as it's possible to get. It's so simple to use that even young children can benefit from it.

The hand fan is a technology that has evolved to its natural peak, a great design by definition. It creates no pollution, has a carbon footprint of zero, requires no maintenance. Just wave the fan and it creates a refreshing breeze immediately. It's inexpensive to produce and can be produced quickly in large quantities.

Those qualities and relatively large surface area of most hand fans make them a perfect way to advertise a promotional or commemorative message.

Custom hand fans, because they're easy to design and affordable, are ideal for advertising a business, celebrating special family occasions or commemorating religious holidays and ceremonies. Hand fans are popular as wedding favors, for example, especially for outdoor weddings. Wedding guests can use the fans to keep cool at the ceremony, then take home a custom keepsake imprinted with the bride and groom's picture, favorite Bible verse, song lyric or anything else they choose to include.

Businesses can provide custom hand fans at sponsored events such as Little League games, Fourth of July parades and many others. Spectators are sure to appreciate a way to keep their cool on a hot summer day. The fans can feature pictures, a patriotic message, a team schedule or other image, plus the business contact information. You can even use the custom hand fan as a coupon - just have people bring it back to the business to receive their discount.

Custom church hand fans are a perfect match for summer events such as picnics, homecomings and tent revivals, not to mention inside the church itself on warm days. Religious scenes are popular subjects for portrayals on hand fans. Businesses frequently provide hand fans to churches free in exchange for having the business name and contact information printed on the reverse side of each fan.

Types of Hand Fans

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