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Hand Fans - From Church to the Ballot Box, an Effective Marketing Tool

Hand fans are a simple device, in use for thousands of years. They've been traced back at least as far as ancient Egypt, where they were a device used in religious ceremonies. Today, hand fans are still common in churches, but also are increasingly used in the secular world as a marketing tool. Women in years past used fans to hide their faces during religious services in churches in Europe. In 20th century America, religious hand fans were common in churches throughout the United States, but in a more secular context. In the era before air conditioning was common, hand fans were crucial to the comfort of the congregation, especially in small churches in the South. A long sermon on a summer day was made more bearable by a simple paper fan. That's still true today in some rural areas.

In many African-American churches nationwide, fans have commonly represented not just religious figures, but secular ones as well, such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., President John Kennedy and Senator Robert Kennedy.

Political figures have discovered the marketing value of hand fans as well. Fans with a candidate's picture and message are an increasingly popular way to raise a candidate's public profile. A rally full of people supporting a candidate and waving hand fans with his or her picture on them makes great visuals for local TV news!

Wedding hand fans have become popular in recent years. These custom hand fans can feature information about the couple getting married, a favorite Bible verse or other quotation, even a picture of the bride and groom. A low-cost favor to guests, they're a terrific way to celebrate the happy couple.

Custom printed hand fans can also be used to commemorate anniversaries and other special events. From sports team victories to Grandma and Grandpa's 50th wedding anniversary, fans are a colorful, joyous way to mark the event.

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