Hand Fans For Promotional Purposes

Rick Cundiff - Jun 21, 2019

For many people, hand fans are less than an afterthought - they're a non-thought. Outside of churches and wedding favors, hand fans just aren't something that many people think about.

But there's evidence that they should. Promotional hand fans are a valuable tool, as recently evidenced on the televised pop culture phenomenon that is American Idol.

In 2010, the show featured contestant Katie Stevens, whose family and friends showed their support for her by waving custom hand fans printed with her picture.

Custom hand fans also were in evidence at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, British Columbia. They were abundant in the audience during the closing ceremonies.

Such moments broadcast the appeal of hand fans as a marketing device. But savvy business owners, political candidates and organizations have long known that hand fans are a great custom marketing tool.

Just like the "Idol" contestants, political candidates have learned that a group of people waving hand fans with a picture on them makes a great visual image for television. The combination of the waving fans and cheering crowd creates a compelling image.

For a business or organization, hand fans offer a large printable area and the chance to customize with the business name, logo and contact information. The practical nature of the hand fan at an outdoor event puts the desired information right into customers' hands, giving them a chance to see and remember it.

Sports fans too have seen the benefits of hand fans for promoting their favorite team. Available in either economical paper or more durable plastic varieties, custom sports hand fans put the "fan" back in fanatic!

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